Solutions for Hospitality

Convergent Wireless has extensive expertise in developing and implementing wifi networks for guest access and staff productivity. We integrate wifi network with a variety of PMS vendors and protocols. We are pioneer in providing Wireless and Billing Solutions for Hospitality Industry for over 2 decades.

Connectivity Solutions for Healthcare

Convergent wireless is highly experienced at helping medical facilities meet their healthcare wireless communications and data needs to improve patient outcomes and productivity. Our many projects in hospitals and medical facilities have led to the development of proactive protocols for executing our custom wireless design solutions with a minimum of disruption to patients and staff.

Mining & Refineries

Connectivity solutions for managing mining operations require wireless connectivity that can work in harsh and inhospitable environment. Solutions based on robust hardware and reliable meshing protocols have made our network offerings the best in the industry. Vehicle tracking, video surveillance, voice connectivity are some of the applications.

Telecom & Internet Service Providers

Wireless broadband solutions that operate in both the licensed and unlicensed spectrum are proven to connect millions of users around the world, and designed to provide the spectral efficiency, coverage, and capacity to offer consistently reliable wireless connectivity to business and residential subscribers.

Campus Networking

Convergent provides wide range of solutions for large campuses which includes Switching, Routing, Wireless Connectivity - both Indoor and outdoor, IP Telephony, Surveillance, Data Center, High Performance computing, Network Management Solutions, RF Connectivity and Fiber Connectivity Solutions.

Public Wifi Solutions

Convergent provides end to end connectivity solutions for Public and outdoor wifi solutions.

Public Utilities and Transportation

Connected operations perform efficiency and increases safety. Convergent integrates Video, Voice and Data for optimal operational efficiency and safety of Public utilities and transportation Industry.

Oil and Gas

Colleting critical data from remote sites, offshore drilling platforms, storage and pumping stations and establishing the required Network between locations are extremely challenging and cost prohibitive. Convergent Wireless offers reliable and robust connectivity and infrastructure solutions for Oil and Gas sector.


User connectivity, Data analytics, digital advertisements, interactive apps, the possibilities are endless for retail stores and shopping malls, restaurants to improve overall customer experience. Convergent provides Wifi and other connectivity solutions for Malls and retail vertical.

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